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Own Your Own Home

Most people would rather own their home instead of rent it. Who wouldn’t? When you own a home you provide stability and security for your family. Home is where the heart is and there is a lot to be said about being “settled in.” For most it gives comfort and a good feeling; for children it provides a sense of belonging, especially in school.

You are usually better off to own a house than to simply rent. I mean, renting is okay if you’re not sure you are going to stay in the area. But if you are sure about the area, your job, and the schools than it makes good financial sense to buy.

The reason is simple: when you rent a house, you pay the rent without any deductions off your income taxes. When you own the home, you can deduct the mortgage interest and property taxes.

Bad credit is OK!

Got Our Home will qualify you and determine the likelihood of you getting a mortgage loan down the road. We do this by getting a copy of your credit report and verifying your current income. We cannot guarantee this due to future lending requirements or your future income and debt ratios. However, you will qualify financially based on today’s lending standards with your current debt to income ratios. The key is to improve your credit score.

Let’s face it; most people need to improve their credit as a result of the recession. Our program allows you up to three years to work on it.

Once you are approved for a home, we will assist you to get the house you want, in the area you want, whether we have already acquired the house or not.

If you simply want to rent, then don’t apply. We only work with folks that are committed to home ownership.