Atlanta Investment property

Atlanta Investment Property

Atlanta cash flow properties The Got Our Home website is part of the property management company National ERA Servicing LLC, that provides quality house rentals for tenants that want to own their own home.

Our mission is to create home ownership opportunities for the stabilization of neighborhoods and communities.  The owners we work for recognize the importance of our mission and agree to give every tenant an option to buy their home.

Everyone should understand the high cost of bad credit.  A low credit score will cost you more for anything you buy on terms including: automobiles, houses, furniture and credit cards.

Atlanta Cash Flow Property

Atlanta Investment PropertyIt is understandable that many people have been hurt financially during the recession.  This has impacted credit scores which prevents most people from obtaining a mortgage in order to purchase a home.

We subscribe to send information to the major Credit Reporting Agency’s. Every time your rent is paid on time it improves your credit score getting you one step closer to receiving a mortgage and home ownership.

Got Our Home makes it easy for tenants to pay using our ACH (Automatic Clearing House) for payments and or credit cards.  Personal checks will be accepted on the date received but make sure you know this: if checks are not received by the due date, a late fee is levied.  If you ever bounce one check, you no longer have the choice to pay using personal checks.

If you want a quality home…

If you want to own this home…

If you know you will take care of your home…

If you can always pay on time…

Than call us direct, email us or fill out your application online!

Read the section entitled “How To Qualify” and find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Atlanta Property ManagementEven if we don’t have the house you want right now, tell us exactly what you are looking for including the area, as well as bedrooms, bath and what you can afford.

There are many instances where we go out and buy exactly what you want, provided you have an approved application with us.